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CA Shirish Vyas

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Shirish Vyas is a chartered accountant with vast experience and knowledge and is also an education professional. In the CA final examination, he secured All India Rank (AIR) 42. He is known as the “Master of Direct Tax”. He is a proud mentor for more than 50,000 successful CAs. He likes to instill the same motivation in his students’ lives and drive them so that they can give their best and excel in their life journeys. He is still guiding and motivating more CA aspirants, increasing the number of successful chartered accountants with his hard work and guidance. His main aim is to help his students dominate their exams and make their Chartered Accountant dream a reality. CA Shirish Vyas provides classes for all the subjects of CA Foundation, CA Intermediate, CA Final, Cost Management and Accounting (CMA), and for commerce students of first-year junior college (FYJC), second-year junior college (SYJC), A-level, and AS-level.

He always says, “Do your best, and God will do the rest”. According to him, the students should apply their whole strength and study without any further concerns; if they are doing their best, God will help them achieve their dreams. He has to have the ability to transform an average student into a top-level performer or above-average student. He empowers students to opt for chartered accounting successfully. If we understand the question deeply or the reason why we have to go through it, it will be easier for us to solve the questions, and we will get to know what trick we have to apply to that particular question. This is the way he teaches, which increases his followers. The subject of direct tax can be a little boring for some students, or it can be tricky for some other students. But the way he teaches this subject is just perfect. His perfection in this subject makes it easy and interesting for the students.

Teaching Skills:

A positive environment can be created by a teacher who shows excitement or interest in teaching or a desire to be involved in it. This type of environment makes the students fresh and energetic, rather than boring. And this energy in the students is the motivation for all, which helps them to stay and study. CA Shirish Vyas is among these types of teachers. He is considered to be the best faculty for tax. His classes will be better than your expectations. His teaching methods are fully conceptual and base-based, which makes the students fully satisfied. The quality of the classes is also good, which is important so that the students can properly concentrate on the class. In the classes, CA Shirish Vyas always talks about the topic and only the necessary or relevant things about the topic; he won’t talk unnecessarily about anything other than the topic. He has invaluable experience of more than 25 years.

He is not just a teacher by profession, but he is also a very good mentor. Distraction is the worst part of student life, as it is time-consuming, so it takes longer to complete a task. He guides the students so that they can stay away from distractions and makes them relaxed and chill so that they can focus on their goals. He also motivates them to focus on their lives and achieve their dreams. He motivates the students throughout the lecture, helping them to focus on the lecture. He also conducts regular viva, gives memorization techniques, and completes the portion on time.

Study Material:

He also provides the proper study material and revision classes. If any CA aspirant is looking for study material to study which consists of sample papers, a question bank, important questions, extra questions, and the notes which cover all the topics then they can directly approach CA Shirish Vyas Notes. He provides it at a reasonable price as some of the students are not financially stable so they are unable to buy the proper study material. The unique thing about his study material is that he provides handwritten notes for better understanding, which is not provided in any other classes. As their notes are handwritten, this is why they are more convenient, boost the attention of students, and help them stay organized. The process of buying the notes or books will be smooth because of their cooperation. Following are some of the books by Chartered Accountant Shirish Vyas that are available at the concerned site:-

• CA Final Original Notes on Direct Tax by CA Shirish Vyas

• CA Final Question on Direct Tax by CA Shirish Vyas

• CA Final Direct Tax Book (1st Edition) by CA Shirish Vyas

• CA/CMA direct tax regular course (only in English) by CA Shirish Vyas

• CA Final direct tax original notes by CA Shirish Vyas

• CA Final Combo direct tax (question bank and original notes) by CA Shirish Vyas

• CA Final direct tax question banked by CA Shirish Vyas 

• Book CA Final DT by CA Shirish Vyas

Lecture Overview:

CA Shirish Vyas provides an awesome platform with an awesome tech team. This platform consists of a variety of educators whose lectures can be approached at any time. It’s a very good experience to learn from such experienced and friendly educators. These educators are also motivators for many of the aspirants. All of the lecturers are well-experienced and supportive. The faculties of CA Shirish Vyas Classes teach in Hindi and English. Their classes are available at affordable rates, and they can be approached in any way you are comfortable with. The classes are available in online mode, offline mode, live classes, and even recorded classes. Their doubt-clearing sessions are invaluable, and their teaching is such that the concepts they teaches stick in the mind. Regular instructions are given to all the students attending the classes. During the long classes, he gives a break to the students. He uses examples that are relevant to the students. He also asks the students questions so that they can think about and relate the subject to their lives for better understanding and unforgettable concepts.

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