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Prime Vision Professional Education formerly known as Prime Vision Commerce Classes by CA Shirish Vyas is one of the the Best Coaching for FYJC in Mumbai. FYJC refers to First Year Junior College which means 11th grade.

We provide professional quality education to our students. We have more than 20 years of experience in the education sector. We assist you in receiving career advice that is best for you. It is your right and our privilege to counsel you to achieve goals. We offer offline coaching to our students with individual attention. 

The professors would administer exams on a regular basis to assess the student’s understanding. Our professors are well-experienced and provide students with simplified explanation.

We emphasise on idea clarity and regular assessments to make sure that our students acquire the acute acumen necessary to perform well in these exams. FYJC Admission open enroll you name now to avoid waiting. 

FYJC Syllabus

  1. Mathematics
  2. Book keeping and Accountancy
  3. Organisation of Commerce
  4. English
  5. Secretarial Practice
  6. Economics
  7. Languages – Hindi, Marathi, French, IT (Information Technology)
FYJC Syllabus

About FYJC

This phrase is only used in Maharashtra, India. First Year Junior College, or 11th grade, is how the term is officially spelled. Since we are provided with UG and PG degrees following this, these are typically a component of regular universities around our nation. Undergraduate studies and the final stages of college are referred to as senior college because they are distinct. The entire name of the 12th grade is Second Year Junior College, or SYJC.

FYJC Admission open at Prime Vision Professional Education. If you have any confusion regarding FYJC Admission feel free to contact us.

Frequently asked question

What does FYJC mean?

First Year Junior College, or FYJC for short, is equivalent to the 11th grade in various Indian states like Maharashtra. It is additionally known as PUC in some states.

What is the process of FYJC Admission in Mumbai?

  1. Visit, the official website.
  2. Choose from the following regions: Mumbai MMR, Nashik, Pune, Amravati, or Nagpur.
  3. Enter your login information by clicking the sign-in or register option.
  4. Enter your login ID and password to log in.
  5. Complete the first section of the application.
  6. Encrypt the form by making an online payment.
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