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CA Sahil Mehta

"À teacher affects eternity, you never know where his influence stops: Just like this, your influence on me will never go away. Your passion and precision towards teaching your students; motivating us to never give up and encouraging us to push us to our limits has helped me achieve my goal of not just becoming a Chartered Accountant but everything my heart desires. A big part of what I am is because of you and / will be forever grateful for your skills not just as a professor but also a mentor to which I will look upto throughout my life.

CA Harsh Kherajani

Shirish Sir's unique method of teaching involving a blend of conceptual understanding and ensuring that the concepts are retained, helped me in getting an exemption in Tax. The notes were very concise and to the point and thus muttiple revisions were possible because of the same. JM Financial

CA Kriti Sharma

My first interaction with Shirish Sir was when I joined his Direct Tax (DT) classes (CA Final Nov' 15 batch) and I was stunned with his selfless character and unique notes making style. He taught us DT and also mentored us on other subjects to clear the exam in the first shot. Currently I am preparing for UPS exam and Shirish Sir has been mentoring and guiding me to clear one of the India's toughest exam. He takes daily updates and weekly personal sessions with me to make sure I meet the deadlines set by him. He is not only a good teacher but a great mentor who'll be by your side to motivate and make you achieve your goal

CA Parth Shah

I cleared in my CA Finals in November 2020 in my first attempt. I had learnt DT from Shirish Sir. I will, without a second thought, recommend Shirish Sir for DT for a number of reasons including: 1) NOTES! - I was able to complete the syllabus easily in the 15 days during the exams which in my opinion is extremely important 2) WAY OF TEACHING! - Sir makes DT extremely simple to understand and also ensures you understand+remember the provisions in the class itself There are multiple other reasons to go for Shirish Sir's lectures. In case anyone wants to know anything in detail, you can reach out to me on 8286234228.

CA Jalormi Vaishnav

"If you can't run, walk. if you cant walk, Crawl'; thank you Shirish Sir for bringing out the best in all your students and making us fall in love with tax! Never thought that a subject which I was so scared of would become so interesting! You Are a great inspiration and motivator and youre teachings are remembered in our daily life too!

CA Yashwini Bansal

Shirish Sir was my tax professor for the May, 2018 finals. He was a constant pillar of support, both before and during the exams. His approach to education, which can be extended to life, is inspiring and his passion for teaching. while truly having his students best interests at heart, admirable. I always felt energized after attending his classes, irrespective of the time at which he held them. His work ethics is extraordinary, and his ability to analyse complex tax laws, simplify them for students and make them easy to remember made his lectures worth looking forward to. I was fortunate to have been his student and learnt so much from him. He also taught me to look at things differently, and to hold myself to the highest possible standard.

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